Walgreens offers its visitors to buy gift cards for the holidays. You can check the balance in several ways: by service number, after payment at the checkout the information will be on the receipt, online on the official portal.

Online Checking Balance Gift Card Walgreens

  1. Go to walgreens.myretailcard.com to check balance gift card.
  2. After you'll see the form you have to fill it in:
    • Enter the card number on the first line, which has 19 digits without a space. You can click on « Show Sign-in Info» to make sure the numbers are correct.
    • On the second line write CVV or Pin number. It is necessary to remove the protective layer on the other side of the card (there will be a 3-digit CVV or 4-digit Pin number).
  3. Then press «Sing in» for login and pass the captcha check. In a few seconds you will see the balance and transactions information.
  4. If you get the message «Card Not Found. Please enter valid card number» do not get upset. There are 2 possible reasons for this:
    • Incorrect code or number.
    • System failure (in this case you should try again in half an hour).

Check by Support Phone

If you can't go online at the moment, then you can contact the technical support line at 1-883-522-2487.3. The phone number is also listed on the back of your card «If it is different from the main phone number, then it is better to call it».

  1. Call and follow the voice menu to connect if the operator does not connect automatically.
  2. Provide the Number and security code.
  3. Answer additional questions from the operator, after which he will tell you how much money is in your account.

View in Receipt

After you have made purchases and paid with a gift card, you can see the balance in receipt. Information will be about the transactions and the cash balance.

Important! If there is nothing on the receipt, you can ask the store employees. They will kindly provide you with this information or refer you to an employee more competent in this matter.