Login at your partner bank (Synchrony) will give you access to rewards:

  • 10% bonus when you pay for items as Cash Back. (If shopping in Walgreens ), or 5% for others.
  • 3% - Cash Back on Walgreens grocery packs or health and beauty items.

Sign in Walgreens Credit Card

To log in my Walgreens Credit Card login you must be registered in bank.

  1. Open the website page walgreens.syf.com/accounts/login.
  2. New form will open in front of you. In the first field fill in «User ID».
  3. Note! Pay attention to Case-sensitive, also login may differ from your walgreens.com User ID.

  4. Write your passcode in the second field and press «Secure Login». Once your details have been uploaded, a successful authorization will be processed.

Important: If you lose your passcode you can order its recovery in the special field.

Application for Credit Card Walgreens

To order Synchrony bank card in cooperation with Walgreens you need to open page walgreens.syf.com/accounts/login.

  1. Under the main form you need to click «Apply» or go directly to walgreens.com/mywalgreens/cards/credit.
  2. On the next page click «Apply now».

  3. Important: Before the next step you must sign in login Walgreens.

  4. Next an additional window will open, where you need to confirm your application once again, click «Apply and add as preferred».
  5. You receive the notification «You're all set to apply with Synchrony Bank!», click «Start my Application»
  6. Important! Make sure you don't have any credit debts before proceeding.

  7. In the next form fill in fields:

    • Enter your SSN.
    • Write your phone number.
  8. Press «Continue» Important! If you receive a problem message, then please notify the Retailer.
  9. If you receive a positive result you will receive a code on your phone, enter it into the form to continue with your application. Then follow the instructions.

Within a month you will receive an answer (positive or negative). If the application is approved, you will be able to get the card within 7-10 days.