Every customer can create and sign on Login. Thanks to this you are able to: make orders, see previous orders, Check for COVID-19 record, connect myWalgreens membership, become a Prescription Savings club member.

Log on Walgreens Account

Online login is available to all customers without exception. There is no need to request access from an employee. You are able to register and log in by yourself.

  1. Log in to the official page in your browser: www.walgreens.com/login
  2. A form will appear, enter your data and press «Sign in», then the authorization is done.

Important! If you save your data in the browser, you can log in again without a password.

How to Make Registration

Important! If you've shopped or filled a prescription before, enter the same information you used earlier in the registration form.

  1. To register you should go to the portal: www.walgreens.com/login.
  2. The Login form will appear. Click «Create a new account» to start the procedure for further successful authorization.
  3. You must fill in the fields:

    • Name and surname, as you have it in your passport.
    • E-mail. Write active mailbox, because important information about your account will be sent there.
  4. Create a complex passcode to protect against fraudsters. Use from 9 characters: don't forget to include at least 1 digit and 1 letter (mandatory). And for maximum security add «!» or «?»
  5. Next, connect myWalgreens.

    • Make sure to add an active contact number
    • Postal code of your location

  6. Important! myWalgreens is only available in the US. Check the box «I am 16 or over and I accept myWalgreens Terms & Conditions».

  7. Tick «I read and agree to the Walgreens terms of use» to complete your registration.
  8. Then click on «Sign Up» to be automatically logged in.

How to recover password

  1. Click «Forgot password?» on the main form. Fill in your data and press «Continue».
  2. Click «Send code». You will receive a message «Code sent! If necessary, you can request up to 5 more codes via text message.» It may take two minutes to arrive.
  3. Enter the code and click «Continue».
  4. Create a new password (Don't forget to make it as difficult as possible).